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Twilight Arbor aetherpath final cutscene not loading, leaving players in a frozen cinematic mode

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So there's some problems with aetherpath. Sometimes, mobs randomly stop loading, if you have enemy nameplates enabled, they all will be stuck on their spawn location, and you can only notice them by taking damage or other ground AoE effects.Some of the inbetween cutscenes don't even play sound.And, the final cutscene can bug out, leaving players invulnerable(with that buff during cutscenes), blocking progression for everyone until it's over. Just today morning i had a run where i made it through the cutscene but 3 new players were stuck on it. Naturally, they figured game froze and relogged completely, and none of those 3 got the rewards for the path. Dunno if they got the achievement but the final chest couldn't be looted. (Esc tab or any way to character select isn't available, so you actually have to minimize and close the game completely)

Dunno i feel like these 3 things are connected maybe, should just remove the final cutscene it doesn't add much anyway. Blocking players out of progression on a hard dungeon path like this, i think is unacceptable.

Maybe it only applies to potato pc's, anyone experienced know if you can just wait it out? The same thing has happened to me viewing vistas btw, i click on view vista, my character gets into this cinematic mode, legit 1min wait - and sometime it finally loads and plays, freeing me again.

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