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Buying Custom Gem Amounts

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Is there any way to buy a custom amount of gems with cash, like 880, instead of the fixed amounts that I see in the Trading Post? I've looked all over and I can't find any way to do it like you can with gold.

If there isn't, there really should be. I'm sure making it so that people buy more gems than they need is profitable, but I am really considering not spending the money I was going to, because if I can't get a custom amount, then the sale is completely meaningless since I have to spend the same amount of money as it normally costs to get the item I want.

Do I:a.) Get a character slot on sale for 520 gems instead of 800? Oh, but I can only buy 800 gems? So... I get 280 leftover gems, which buys... nothing that I want. So it's still a $10 character slot....

b.) Put those extra gems toward a glider voucher because I really want the Raven Spirit glider! Then I'll have a character slot and a glider! That's 880 gems. But I can only buy 800 or 1600... so $20.

So I'm forced to pay $20 even though I only want $11 of goods. Or, when they're not on sale, $15. But really, I have to spend $20 either way! What is the point of this sale again?

I can't be the only person who's just NOT spending money rather than waste so much of it like this. I like the game and I want to support it, but I can't do this. Please give us custom gem amounts so that I can give you guys money.

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I seem to remember it's something to do with the banking process - it's cheaper for them to offer fixed amounts than to process transactions that could be any amount.

Regardless of the reason there is no way to buy exactly the gems you want with real money. Your options are:1) Buy slightly less and top it up with gold (as @phs.6089 suggested)2) Buy more and save the remainder for the next time you want something from the gem store (it may not add up exactly then either)3) Buy more and use the remainder for something else/convert them to gold4) Don't buy it

(There's also the option of using gold to purchase the full amount of gems, but I assume you've already considered that and decided against it.)

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