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(OCE) Death in Vain (Div) Competitive CrossPlatform PVP/PVE Guild/Clan Recruiting now. Apply Today!!


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What's Death in Vain's goal?Our goal for Death in Vain is to be known across PC & Xbox for being among the top players as well as clans.

IntroductionWe are a very competitive team that has quickly grown and want to continue growing. We have a friendly community for both platforms with active members & admins. We have been around for quite some time, however haven't expanded until just recently. The Co-Leader and I decided that we should grow the clan & that's what we have done.

RequirementsThe PC time zones do not matter. As long as you speak good English you are welcome to Death in Vain. We aim to be among the top guilds/clans for MMORPG games.Xbox is for OCE players only. We aim to join Pro Leagues in FPS Games. We enjoy everyone's company and welcome any clan member to come play with us. When playing Competitive based game modes, we expect you to be playing your best at all times.

We have our own Discord server, along with a YouTube channel & Twitch channel. If you have any montages for the games you play then you are welcome to post them in our YouTube channel.

Guild Wars 2 will be our main MMORPG game that we focus on for PC & Fortnite is our main Xbox game that we will be focusing on for the Xbox players.

If you wish to join us on Guild Wars or even joining the Death in Vain clan then please mail me directly at mitchellionz.8534Or by joining our Discord https://discord.gg/njwgvVx

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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