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[EU] [PvX] [MRVL] Active guild looking for new team members!


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Hello!The House of Marvels is looking for new members. We won't judge you by the amount of experience you have or not; as long as you wanna have fun with us bunch of weirdos, you're qualified! As a matter of fact, we're gearing and leveling less experienced players at the moment to allow them to get into end-game content with us. So be sure to bring your best behavior and be ready to help!What we offer:

  • An active community
  • An active discord (you know, if you wanna socialize and that stuff)
  • Fractals & PvP peeps (they don't bite, trust me)
  • Some occasional raidsWhat we require:
  • No discrimination of any kind (elitism, racism, homophobia etc.)
  • Willingness to help othersOptional points:
  • Join our discord (helps with organization)
  • Say hi when you log in (basic stuff, right?!)
  • Representation not mandatory (would be nice though, if you feel like it)
  • Marvel universe fandom (nerdy stuff, right, but who cares?)If you want to join or have questions, just send a message to any of these peeps:Bettsy Frost, Karena Haven, Andy The Demon, HeleenDR & Elie La Mer Noire (I'm a bit busy right now but will still answer).

Kind Regards,

The House of Marvels

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