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Mini Green Raptor Hatchlings (BL Chest Drop)

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The new BL chests drop include a guaranteed mini green raptor hatchling. You can dye these minis by combining with unIdentified dyes. Possible colors are Black, Blue, Fire, Gold, Ice, Red, Silver, White, Yellow, and (of course) the original green. To collect them all, it will take a total of 224 mini greens + 456 unID dyes to complete the set. (To check my math, you can visit the wiki for each mini and use the "Show Base Ingredients" link in the lower-right of the recipe box.)

I'm sure only a fraction of us will collect them all. Still, it feels to me like an interesting sink for the guaranteed green mini and for unID dyes. Currently, the mini is trading at ~1.5 gold (for dyes, it's a little hard to tell if the increase is due to this or to the fact that they aren't dropping as often as before).

tl;dr new set of mini raptor hatchlings available on the TP, with the base color (green) guaranteed from BL chests. Takes nearly two stacks of unID dyes plus nearly a stack of the greens to complete the (known) set.

Mini Raptor Hatchling Collection

Added:The wiki now has an article on the collection (linked above) that includes the total cost of each mini, the total dyes & green hatchlings needed, and the efficient order in which to produce them. (Which, for those too lazy to click links, is: Buy 224 green → build 52 blue → 9 red and 25 yellow → 8 white and 5 black → 3 silver and 3 gold → 1 fire and 1 ice.)

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Thanks for doing the maths. :) I'm just waiting for the green one to reach a price I think is worthwhile/I can afford and then I'm going to start buying them to make the others, so it's helpful to know how many I'll need.

I also think it's an interesting idea. Other guaranteed Black Lion Chest drops have been controversial, mainly because they're seen as useless. These are currently a better deal than many previous guaranteed drops because they mean you get about 1.5g from every chest (although with a key at 125 gems which currently costs 31g you're nowhere near making a profit).

@Boogiepop Void.6473 said:I'm concerned about what will happen with these on the next BL chest change.

My prediction:

  1. While these chests are available the price will drop steadily, since they're a guaranteed drop from chests so more and more are going to keep coming into the game.
  2. As soon as the chests change the minis will jump up in price.
  3. The increase will slow or even stop when people who stockpiled minis start selling them off.
  4. Once the 'backlog' is cleared the price will continue to rise gradually unless and until the minis green raptors are added back into the game.

Best/worst case scenario (depending on if you're buying or selling) is the Fire and Ice raptors will be the new mini karka - costing a few thousand gold.

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The math appears to include the additional mini you'll need for each green, blue, red, yellow, white, black, silver and gold, because you'll need that one extra mini for the wardrobe unlock during which the mini is consumed and unavailable for mystic forging. Such a pita to waste that mini like that!

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