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So I was doing the istan farm, Akili event and someone started it early, does it make a difference with how many people attend to champions spawns or not?The wiki states ~ Most events scale for up to 10 players.[4] Group events and large scale events such as the finale for meta events will scale much higher. For example, The Shatterer scales up to 100 players.[5]

Events will scale according to the number of players around. Even a player that is not participating will scale the event up. A player that moves away, either by walking or waypointing, will immediately scale the event down.[6] ~

But it also states ~ Champion enemies associated with the event will never increase in level due to scaling; this often results in elite foes that are more dangerous than the champions. ~

So... yeah, anyone able to confirm/approve or disapprove this?

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It's not an exact science, but in general, more people = more champs vs elites and veterans. It's a bit more involving than than, but the gist is about right. It is why you often see zergs attack specific events where waves of enemies spawn - to increase the likelihood of champs (you can see this in Kourna as the newest example)

Buuuut, some events are (seemingly anyway) programmed not to gain more champs, but more elites and higher level vets instead. This is specifically designed to prevent champ farming. It varies from event to event. Akili as far as I have seen specifically generates zergs to get champs. I don't recall seeing champs withou a large zerg present

My rule tends to be, I play what's in front of me and not overthink it.

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