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Bestmode needs some love

Aleksander Suburb.4287

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Soulbeast is not as bad as I first thought. But you've to play it in the right way. If you enter ebastmode, fire your beastskills and leave beastmode it is really good. But not everybody want to paly a class in such a way (second avatar form -.-)

What can we do to improve beastmode? Some +xx to your attributes is not the right way.Maybe soulbeast could do some effects with its aura.Stout: Every X seconds soulbeast gets protection and magnetic auraDeadly: Every X seconds adds poison and torment to your attackVersatile: Every X seconds get resistance and barrierFerocious: Every X seconds get might and short time unblockable attacksSupportive: Every X seconds heal you and nearby allies

Whats your opion?

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Well, firstly - i would have made it so that the visual aura you get isnt the same color no matter the pet role. I would have loved (though know it would have been impossible) to have it so that you actually merge visually with the pet and look like a a monster lol

Secondly, i think it would have been cool if ALL skills, traits and such affected the Ranger in some way. Its odd that some seem to work while others dont. For example Signet of Renewal you get the passive but not the active but with Sic 'Em! you reveal them and you get the increased damage. I am new to ranger so not sure if the damage increase is meant to affect the ranger to begin with but based on the text i dont think so. Though i also think the cool down on the signet is rather long.

I would love the idea of those buffs, but too short a cool down and they would be OP and too long a cool down and they would be rather pointless. Not sure what they could do to make running Beastmode most/all of the time to be a benefit but not so much so that it becomes a requirement or something. I would have liked "Leader of the Pack" to have improved effects or something when used within Beastmode. Maybe something just like a Cool down reduction and a player only duration increase would have been welcome.

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You lose some, how much that is i wouldnt know, but the beast mode skills, the traits that do affect you (like the healing one) and sush do make up for that. Even like the 25% movement speed while inside it. The biggest problem would be the poison due to the trait that heals when you poison. I do think that making it so that stances are buffed when you are in Beastmode would be enough. Though that is what the pack trait SHOULD be to begin with.

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How about granting (moderately timed) boons in an AoE to you and allies when merging depending on the archetype?

5 Allies, 360 Radius

  • FEROCIOUS - Grant 5s Fury
  • DEADLY - Grant 2 stacks of 6s Might
  • STOIC - Grant 2s Protection
  • SUPPORTIVE - Grant 5s Regen
  • VERSATILE - Grant 6s Swiftness

That could even be a reworked "Fresh Reinforcement" and the current effect of that trait becomes baseline

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i don't think bloating our bar with more boons will fix our multipliers.The extra attributes is the right step only the numbers weren't enough, 200 power doesn't cover the lack of damage while merged.

I would as far as to increase by percentage as such you would want pets which increase your main attributes. I would do somethign like this:

FEROCIOUS - Power - precision - ferocity - concentrationDEADLY - precision - vitality - condition damage - expertiseSTOIC - Toughness - vitality - concentration - expertiseSUPPORTIVE - toughness - vitality - healing power - concentrationVERSATILE - Power - precision - healing power - condition damage

Increases 2 mayor (begins at 1000) and 2 minor (begins at 0) each at 20%. it does enhance the build your are using but if you don't have anything invested in those stats you still will get some worth from the beastmode (with the mayor stats).

Simple and should not require much changing. If the percentage is imposible because code, then the increase should be doubled in the mayor stats because 200 doesn't simply cut it i don't see any real difference when i choose a ferocious or a stoic pet.

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