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[EU][PVE][RAIDS] DOS - a small raiding community recruiting


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Hello fellow adventurers!

DOS is a small community focused on endgame content. We're looking for new members and firends to make our guild bloom together.

We're looking to expand our raiding party - if you're new to raids we're all happy to help. If you would like to start somewhere we've got experience in training new members.If any veteran raiders would like to join and help build up a strong raid squad hit us up aswell! We all know the feeling of being fed up with pugs and rage quitters, that's why we started started this thing.The bottom line is that raids are fun when done with friends. I found found friends looking for ppl to raid with, you might as well ^^

We raid on tuesdays and thursdays around 7 pm UK time,and would be interested in setting up a group on the weekends as well in the afternoon hours.We also do fractals on a daily basis, we enjoy HoT meta events and in general Guild Wars :sunglasses:

Let's make things clear – we care about the atmosphere in the guild, we're a very friendly bunch and I'd like to keep it that way.That's why we're looking for people that are friendly and mature, not afraid of voice chat and willing to dedicate it some time – raids require some dedication after all. There's no elitism in our ranks, we don't like quitters as well, instead of nasty comments we give advice, instead of dropping when things go south we find the problem and sort it out. We also ask our members to represent the guild, especially if they feel at home in DOS :)

If you'd like to join contact either frey.9164 or rebellion.2473, either via mail or /w.

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hello!we're back to recruiting - we're looking for 3-5 dedicated players, since real life is catching up with some of our members we're missing friends we can raid with again. We're working on geting kills on Dhuum and Quadim, those are the last two bosses we're missing on our guild clears.We raid on mondays, tuesdays and fridays from 7 pm UK time, other than that everyting you'll find in the post above still stands.Hope to hear from you soon! :smiley:

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