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13 Days Without a Human Response from Customer Serv

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On August 13, during the Zephyrite Festival I sent in Ticket #7040022. I received the automated 'We received your submission' email and that was it. Two weeks just seems like a long time to get a human response, isn't it?

Is CS really that backed up?

P.S. I logged into the ticket itself and there was no updates there either.

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@"Dolphin.2574" said:Is CS really that backed up?Yes. Sad, but true.

P.S. I logged into the ticket itself and there was no updates there either."Updates" in most customer service systems are relatively meaningless. Tickets show "activity" in most customer services systems for both important and trivial reasons, such as a ticket being reassigned. The only "update" that matters is when you have an email response from an agent, letting you know what the next steps are.

There's been a huge backlog (for a variety of reasons) for months and months. We've been told that ANet has hired new people, been busy training them, and that they've started eating into that backlog and reduced it. Only... we know it's still nowhere near the 3 day turn around (or better) that ANet aimed for during nearly all of 2012-2017. Tickets of the same type are handled in order they were opened, although certain types of tickets are given priority. If I understand correctly, things like billing issues and some ability-to-login issues are handled first and it was an increase in both that helped create the initial backlog.

tl;dr we have little choice but to be more patient that seems reasonable. Still, every ticket does get taken care of; once they start working on your ticket, things will move very quickly.

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@"Dolphin.2574" said:So huge backlog then. Oh well, thanks for the info.

Does Gaile Gray still look into tickets when they are over a certain time frame? If so, what is the name of that forum post?

Yeah, back log for several months now but it seems to be getting better given the lower number of posts here about delayed tickets. I think it started when they banned all those people for cheating back in April or when ever it was, got worse when some game that had a bad release around June gave GW2 more press, and well seems to continue. Also Gaile does not look into tickets anymore. She no longer works as support liaison and there is currently no one in that role.


@Gaile Gray.6029 said:

You see, I no longer am ArenaNet Support Liaison -- I haven't held that job in 4 years and there currently is no one in that role. For me to take on individual support issues is far outside of the scope of my position and exceeds the time I could dedicate to that function, when I have so much else to do. I do sympathize with delays; I totally understand that sometimes, a player just wants another set of eyes on a situation, another view of an appeal to CS. But my getting involved on a regular basis would be a form of rudeness to my coworkers, and may engender the impression that somehow I feel that I know their jobs better than they do, which of course is not the case.

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