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Firebrand DPS/condition/support (Jack of all trades build)


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gearwise, it looks fine. that's pretty much what i'm doing. i just don't have ascended celestial trinkets/back, i'm still using Soldier because i've been too lazy to farm out LS3.

talents, i'd switch out Radiance for Virtues, go 1/2/1, switch Zeal from Wrathful Spirit to Zealous Scepter, letting you have 25 Might permanently. Firebrand, i'd go for Liberator's Vow in open world to better abuse the healing mantra for more quickness.

i'd swap Signet of Mercy to Bane Signet for more power and the bar break. i'd also use "Feel My Wrath!" over the elite mantra, even if you're using Stalwart Speed. you can proc Stalwart with the healing mantra since it grants you Aegis. Mantra of Lore isn't needed unless you need to cleanse a lot of conditions. i'd go for "Save Yourselves!", Mantra of Flame or another utility to fit better.

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