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[Art] Marilyn Joko


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@Batel.9206 said:S...son of a Svanir... a-are those choyas in his shirt... :scream:

...well, now that my eyes have burned out and I can't see anything, I think it's quite lovely!

(Kidding. Seriously, great drawing, but...aaaaaaaaaugh my eyes...)

HAHAHAHA Well I'm glad you think it's a great drawing heheh bear with me and my sillyness x)

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@Ziooo.8932 said:Great, now i cant unsee it...Now you're stronger.

@ShadowDove.8329 said:wheezes I first saw this post on Tumblr, and I didn't even notice the choyas! xD My eyes are burning but it's an amazing piece of artwork!!(If my eyes die, I'm sure Joko will Awaken them to make me stare at this over and over again anyway)Hahahaha! Yes, the choyas are there ? watching. And I agree Joko would awake everyone's eyes to keep staring at his true undead beauty!

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