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Henge of Denravi PvX Guild


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Hello,I am the guild leader of the Guild The Wanderings [Lost]. We are a very small guild looking for members to grow with us. I try to run fractals on a daily basis and don't mind running those lower than T4 to help gear people up. I also run sPvP on a regular basis and am looking for people to help join me in a WvW havoc squad(note I'm on Henge of Denravi). A little about me I'm a new streamer on Twitch and recently have begun making a GW2 beginner series on YouTube as I have noticed people have lots of questions that aren't being answered. We are looking for members who are wanting to learn more about the game or just looking to be dedicated to helping a small guild Flourish. We communicate through Discord both in and out of game to bolster our sense of community. If you would like more information my in-game tag is Zad.9265.Thanks

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