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Profession/skill Bug: Cleansing Bolts BUGGED on REAPER

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REAPER: Well of Blood(Light Field) + Reaper shroud #4 (Whirl Finisher):

Does NOT correctly cleanse conditions AT ALL (supposedly should/could potentially cleanse up to 12), despite the words "CLEANSING BOLTS" appearing.

An especially frustrating bug, as reaper is inherently lackluster in terms of condition removal, this combo field plays an extremely integral part in the reaper class' overall survivability and team support utility.

Especially in today's condition heavy meta, this can lead to the reaper being unplayable/far too vulnerable for practical uses in many instances, particularly in pvp/WvW , and therefore heavily affects many players overall GW2 experience, and limits their choices/preferences when it comes to picking which class and specialization to play.

PLEASE FIX (and report this bug, for players) as soon as possible to further improve the general experience of GW2 for a large group of your playerbase.

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