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Over Thinking or To Much Data?


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Bought game about a month ago and started a Guardian played through to 80. Boosted a warrior and i really like him.Since then i have raised a necro and a ranger to 80 with ToK books and briefly played them but i come back to warrior so i have decided this is going to be my main. I have almost finished the PoF story line with him and have done a lot of WW and finished his person story.I went with spellbreaker but am also halfway through beserker. Here is my problem... I just can't seem to get the hang of keyboarding my spells. Doesn't seem to be so hard but i just can't get it down and on top of that i don't understand rotations, If i go axe/axe,axe/dagger.sword/board,sword/d mace,gs,hammer and on and on,every rotation changes,if i change weapons,it changes,if i change builds it changes,it changes if i am doing ow,pvp,wvw. I have done most of pof using a tanky build with a mainly a hammer/GS but i want to do a little more dps.I really enjoy the game and would love to do more dungeons and raids but i am afraid my dps is to far in the gutter i am going to be shamed out,hell i would feel terrible not to be able to produce a good contribution to my group so refrain from doing any dungeons,raids etc. I did do a story mode cof with 3 other people and i know i sucked hard because as usual,i was just constantly click spamming away at any spell that came off cooldown,i believe this is called facerolling and it doesn't feel good. Maybe if i can find a weapon set that works,then lock down a rotation,maybe that will help but i don't know where to start.How do you sort it all out? I think i have it down and i get into trouble,i go right back to pecking and clicking and spamming.Is there a built in damage meter somewhere in game? I found out today about the practice golems but not sure how i can improve myself using them since it's all offensive.Love the game,love my class just buried in doubt,here is my build


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Another helpful site is https://metabattle.com/wiki/MetaBattle_Wiki and the nice thing is that they have builds for all game modes.

Edit: After looking at your build you may want to make sure you have armor runes, if gold is tight there are several very cheap power based runes that work just fine, make sure all 6 are the same on each armor piece. On your dagger/axe 2 sigils of accuracy won't do you any good, you only benefit from 1 of those so change 1 to something different, also put some sigils on your GS. On the traits I probably wouldn't use vengeful return, I'd probably use warrior sprint. I also probably wouldn't have banner if you're by yourself, I'd probably take signet of fury, and take brawlers recovery instead of the banner trait. As for your kick I'd probably take another physical skill instead kick while it's fun actually makes your DPSing harder because you're mele and you're kicking your foe away from you while you have your damage buff from using a physical skill.

SIGIL INTERACTIONA character can always equip two sigils at a time (either one sigil each on a main-hand and off-hand weapon, or two sigils on a two-handed weapon). In general, the two sigils will both provide their effects independently as long as the base sigil is different. The exceptions to this are the attribute increasing stacking sigils: only one stack effect can be active at a time. Additionally, sigils with the same base sigil will share cooldowns between weapon sets.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Sigil

As far as rotation make sure you hold off on large hitting skills (100 blades, and whirling axe) until right after you have your berserker's power, and peak performance boosts active on your toon. Berserker's power is easier to maintain/keep up so make sure that's up before you use your physical skill to proc peak performance.

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