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Extra Gathering Strike vs Winterberries & Orrian Pearls

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Hi there!

Just something strange I noticed with how the extra gathering strike intracts with certain nodes when using the Booster which gives you a 33% chance at an extra gathering strike and the Glyph which does the same

With the Booster you get what you expect on normal nodes like linseeds, a pretty decent return on your gathering strikes with a rare chance at a third strikeI actually thought that the Booster did not effect the Winterberries because even though I did a full run and did not get an extra strike, but then I did get an occassional extra strike, but it was much more rare than with linseeds.

I got the Glyph which gives a chance at an extra gathering strike quite recently and I combined it with the Booster and the result are interestingWith linseeds I now often get a third extra strike, and with Winterberries I usually get a second strike now which is quite nice.However I went over to Siren's Landing and I gathered all the Orrian Pearls on the map, and only on my second run did I get a single extra strike.

I wonder why the Orrian pearls are not as affected by the boosts?

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@Sindariel.2354 said:With the 2nd strike you get an oyster, not a pearl, as far as i remember.

Can confirm now that you do get a pearl on your extra strike.

Today was quite a good day, my 4th full run of clearing the map

1st run: 0 extra strikes2nd run: 1 extra strike3rd run: 0 extra strikes4th run: 5 extra strikes (three nodes, one double and two triple stikes)

very strange pattern, considering I always get a double strike from winterberries (hence three stikes from the node since the second bush always gives one), and today I got 5 strikes from two nodeson winterberries :O

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