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Looking for advice for sword / sword build


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Hello all,

I'm looking for some advice for a good sword / sword build for Mesmer, mainly for solo PVE (I say solo, but I still join group metas/group events etc as well). I'm not concerned about max dps or the most optimal builds, but would still like to be able to do reasonable damage. I want sword / sword to be the main weapon set, just because I like the idea and look of it, the second weapon set I'd probably use greatsword for tagging stuff, but I'm flexible (though not keen on focus or axe). Have access to both elite specs.

I recently saw this video (

) that seems to show a build that's pretty straightforward but with still fairly good dps, but the video is almost a year old and I'm not sure what changes/balances/nerfs etc have been done to this class since that video, so I'd like to know if something like this is still viable/half decent. (here's the build from that video en.gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQNAs8dnsIClohVoBOoBMrhFVDqsDlYAodJNXhMAjo4A-jxBBABnpEEgTCQlq/EwDAoMlB5pXAr9HlekCIixAA-e). One thing I have noticed is on the first trait of the Illusions line (Shatter Storm) in the build listed, seems to be different to whatever the first trait on that line is in the video, so I'm assuming traits have been changed since that video?

The other question I was wondering was in regards to gear, I know beserker of course would be best for dps, but in the real world how much dps loss would be noticeable on a more survivable set like marauader (or is zealot a good survival option for extra healing?). I main a staff ele/tempest and do ok surviving with beserker gear on that, but a large part of my survival on that class is due to 'final shielding' on my arcane trait line triggering when I drop below half health, giving me 'arcane shield' protecting me enough to heal or get out of trouble, also if I do get downed I find the downed movement skill on ele enough to get out of enemy aoes so I can survive long enough to rally, the downed illusion skill on Mesmer seems to end up putting me further into enemy aoes, so I'm thinking it might be better for me to go with a more survivable gear set that zerkers. I'm sure eventually I'll be fine in full zerk gear on Mesmer, but for now I think I'm just not as confident with it because I don't know the class as well as my ele at this stage (any general tips on Mesmer survivability would be great, I haven't seen anything like a 'final shielding' safety net yet on this class)

Though at the moment I've done HoT & Core map completion using chrono with sword/pistol + greatsword, in soldiers exotic gear (no idea why I ended up with that gear, I just somehow did), so any build is probably going to be better than what I've been using.

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http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vhAQNAscRnsIClohFpBmpBEgilVjCdLOjqoeZj2ptcDGhAA-jBBXgAh6DeUC2r+Dw+jyPA-eshatter burst build, spam illusions, burst with mind wrack, blink for stunbreak, mantra of resolve can be swapped for anything if you aren't worried about condis keeping you in combat a few seconds longer (action/recall for more boons, precog for an extra stunbreak/aegis, phantasmal disenchanter or more dps).berserker vs marauder is a about a 10% dps loss for a 6k health gain. As for zealot's, don't it's healing power is too low to be of any use, coupled with the several ways you have of avoiding damage, and the lack of ferocity will guarantee fights will last longer.

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Hey there.

ADDThe video you have posted was shot before the big phantasm rework earlier this year. Phantasms now behave completely different from what you see in the video!

I recently toyed around with open world stuff in an experiment of leveling a completely new account with only base mesmer as the acc doesn't have any of the expansions.The main reason I'm writing this comment is to have you take a look at the build suggested by @"Sephylon.4938" that build is solid and you won't have a lot of problems running it. It is very close to meta builds out there!BUT: In open world you have to self sustain your might stacks! Often good players make the mistake and run meta builds everywhere.

Dueling is a no-brainer: Phantasm need Fury, Sword Trait for Sword builds and the superiority complex dps increase is insanely good.The problem that I see is when it comes to Illusions. For open world, every mesmer running sword should take persistence of memory over shatter storm!The logic behind that is super simple. If you cast your sword phantasm and you hit with the sword strike you will gain 8 might stacks. also your phantasmal swordsmen will gain 8 might stacks. That means that on death of your very first sword phantasm you end up with 16 might stacks just from the skill and persistence of memory. Add 3 stacks from phantasmal force and you're on 19 stacks of might with just a single skill. You've got to keep in mind that phantasmal force makes your phantasms scale of might once more. That means the more might you generate the more damage you will deal. In a solo open world scenario I believe that this build deals more damage than the one suggested above. Just because the might ramp is far better.

And yes the difference is one adept trait and the rune (and utilities but that's not as important). With camping sword and just recasting the phantasm every ~12s you'll maintain 22stacks of might. Adding any other might generation (e.g. phantasmal disenchanter) will lock you at 25 stacks for most of the time.

If you're curious: This is what my alt acc uses atm. With this I am able to outdps almost any elite spec in low tier fracs because I generate my own might.

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