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Anyone recommend a good WvW Sword / Shield Holosmith Build?


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So ill post the following 3 builds that I have been using for holosmith:

So theres the PvP variant with static discharge that is good for 1v1s:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQJAsenUUBFJj1IDmIDcJjlKDrPD+BHhiLjAQ5Z8DseaPA-jFCFABNp0AgHAwCnAAkUmlmeA9V/h99HuSJYAAEgb2mBwNv5Nv5NvZt5Nv5Nv5Nv5Nv5NLFQVKjA-w

Then theres the roaming variant with Gadgeteer rocket boots (high mobility, high quickness uptime). Rocket boots are rather useless in 1v1.


Then theres the Condi conversion (lower damage) inventions holo that is good when running with groups or facing condi builds (high protection upkeep with ton of AoE cleanse, concentration sigil) (this build against single condi players, more toughness against bigger groups with power damage) :


In general if you want more vitality (Good against condi) go for more marauder, if you want more toughness (good against power damage), go for Knight. But be aware that the key to killing good spellbreakers (which are pretty hard to kill for Holo in WvW) is keeping track of their stability and not procing full counter. Max I have ever gone is 3k armor (full knight trinkets) and that is only for blobfights with barely any firebrands in squad.

If you plan to play casually and not dodge too much, you can go for lot more defensive build as holosmith has pretty sick damage modifiers. It will most likely be more useful than dying instantly.

You can mix some of the traits up and skills up, elixir S is not bad in a group due to AoE stealth.

And 10% damage reduction food is not bad either. For example https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Oysters_with_Zesty_Sauce costs only 4 silver to make each, just be aware its only good against power players.

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@SoulstitchMMO.1396 said:I've been enjoying playing as sword / shieldsmith but keep coming across other holosmiths that appear to be using the same build but are much more survivable than I am. So any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

I've been gone for a couple years so am behind lots of the new strats and such.

It may also be a matter of skill level. Armor stats and builds only get you so far. A lot of the good Holosmiths I see in WvW aren't so much running a better build but are a better player and know what they are doing. Getting better armor helps. Trying a new build could help. But what will really help you is just time, patience, and practice.

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