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What combo of expansions to buy?

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Wanting to get back into the game since year one but unsure what versions of the expansions I should be buying. I have read some threads where some say to get the ultimate POF with the $20 HOT addon and others say to just get the base HOT/POF combo for $50.

Does the base HOT/POF still give me 2 shared inventory slots or is that only in ultimate?I know I should be buying the living story chapters as well for the easy to get ascended jewelry

Since I have to buy gems for living story stuff anyway plus a copper salvage-tron and bank tabs does the ultimate version with 4000 gems a better value because of the other extra stuff it comes with?

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Every version comes with the shared inventory slot and max level boost. And if you buy both expansions you'll get 2 boosts and 2 shared inventory slots.

The bonus items for the Deluxe Edition are:

  • 1 extra character slot
  • 1 Identity repair kit (total makeover kit + name change contract - which can be used on different characters)
  • Sunspear oufit
  • Lily of the Elon pass - which teleports you to a 'mini town' in the Crystal Oasis map from anywhere in the worldThe Ultimate edition gives you all of that plus 4,000 gems.

So the only reason to get the Ultimate Edition instead of the normal one is because you want some/all of those items. Since you're planning to buy gems anyway I think it would be worth getting the Ultimate Edition because then you get the Deluxe items basically free.

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Tough one, ultimate I'd say:

PoF > HoT > Ultimate/delux

This is not a measure of which expansion is/was better (I deeply enjoy both but did find Hot better) but rather a priority system of what to get.

PoF because it's the current expansion off of which all story gets developed plus mounts.

Hot because it offer gliding and a bridge between vanille and PoF. Also a ton of HoT content remains relevant.

Ultimate/delux because it offers a discount on the gems plus a character slot. The rest like the pass and repair kit are sort of useless (yes, I own the ultimate Edition of PoF, the pass is useless).

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