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I've been wanting this dress since I first saw it in-game. At the time I assumed most of what the NPCs wear was available as town clothes and I'd pick it up eventually. After a few months I'd only found 1 hat (the Iron Tailpipe Bandana which is now an armour skin) so I went to the Wiki to find out how to get others and was genuinely surprised to find out the gem store town clothes were the only ones available. I still want it and I'll get it as soon as it's available, however that's done.

The problem is it's only for one race/gender combination. They could do something like the Common Clothing/Chef/Wedding outfits which change based on the race and gender of your character, and I'd love it if they did. But there's lots of NPC clothes which are currently unavailable to players and I'm sure everyone (who cares at all) has their own favourites, so how do they choose which ones to include?

Although...we already have cultural armour, and armour and weapons which only certain characters can use. Would it really be such a problem if they released these clothes as outfits for just 1 race/gender and put the same kind of warning on if you try to preview them on anyone else? I would expect them to be cheaper (or better yet obtained in-game instead of through the gem store) but I'd still get the ones I like.

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@Oglaf.1074 said:I’d kill for the Bear Shaman outfit for my Norn characters, male and female alike.

I'd like a raven shaman one. My norn necromancer is a Raven devotee and I've tried to approximate the shaman costume with existing skins (Feathered armour mostly) but I'd love to be able to get the real thing.

A while ago someone suggested new sets of cultural armour, maybe with a collection or achievements to unlock them, and I think the shaman costumes would be great ones for norn.

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