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WvW Ability: War Gliding Mastery (bugged)

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The max ability level states: "Learn to glide with such efficiency that you no longer use endurance except when leaning forward."

Funny enough, this is already true at the previous (penultimate) ability level, which should only give you the ability to "evade while gliding." Evading does not work, by th way, which means that level serves as the max level, while the max level has no effect whatsoever. :s

Please fix the last two levels of this ability!

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@Blocki.4931 said:So don't level it up then?

That's not an option. It needs to be fixed.

It's been this way forever, I've come to accept that this must be intentional. You can't even dodge in the air at all

I seriously doubt that. Evading must be fixed, too - as of now, the penultimate level seems to work as the max level, and the max level seems to have no function whatsoever.

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