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Having problems with LFG and player population, not sure if it's a glitch or something else?

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I've been playing GW2 off and on since it's release, mostly off admittedly. I played vanilla until HoT came out, stopped playing forever until 6 or so months ago. Games a shit ton of fun, that's not the issue.The issue is since day one of me playing the game on release I've had the same issue. No matter what I've done, no matter what I look for in LFG, no matter what tab I select, no matter what server I guest or transfer to, LFG and player poulation is almost 0.I want to stress that I'm not exaggerating so this post doesn't come across as another one of those "literally unplayable posts" that are complaining for the sake of complaining. This is a serious issue for me. In my on/off period playing this game there's two things I've had issues in game for a while now.

1- I have NEVER seen any tab in LFG have more than 3 groups max, and of those groups only one is ever full. I can go through all raids, all fractals, all dungeons (Save Twilight Arbor for some strange reason, it usually has one group playing through it) quite literally almost every tab and they are all empty at all points of the day. From 6am in the morning to 2am the next morning at night nothing appears. Now I understand some content simply isn't played. From what I've heard there seems to be issues with mid-level content grouping but that's not the issue for me. It's the fact that aside from one specific dungeon, a new Silverwaste train every day and Twilight Arbor, no other LFG content is playable for me because nobody, at least on my screen, is playing. This just seems impossible given the games popularity.

2- Finding a Guild is impossible. In the year I've been playing I've been apart of a single guild, and that single guild was active during launch. It wasn't super active but I did dungeon with them occasionally and they were nice and also in the middle of learning the game so we had a similar goal to work towards no matter what our level of experience. However since I came back 6 months ago I have almost every single day asked if there are any guilds joining and I get nothing. I can whisper people who are a part of guilds, I talk in map chat (which I talk everywhere in map chat so I know location isn't a problem,) but I get no replies.Now usually I'd accept that maybe I'm in an instance with low population but in the past 6 months I've been playing, no matter how long I stay in a zone and do content (which if I'm in a zone it's usually for an hour or so depending on what content I'm looking for) I never get the option to switch to a higher population instance. This tells me, or at least this is what I can infer, is that my instance has a healthy amount of people in it, or at least enough to warrant the notification not appearing. I've already noticed that ALL, and let me be clear, every single whisper I've ever sent has never gotten a reply unless someone messages me first. Usually I'd think that maybe that person is busy, or that person is afk. Then I went through a small spell where I thought because I was new people just didn't want to help, that's whatever, but now I'm starting to think it can be something else. Map chat is consistently dead and this goes for almost every zone for me. The only handful of places I have ever seen talking was in Lion's Arch, Domain of Istan and Silverwastes.

This has unfortunately destroyed any and all possibilities of socializing for me. I don't mind being a bit of a solo player, I've always been that way in MMO's, but there's content that you HAVE to have groups for and that simply isn't an option for me and it's because to me there simply aren't any people to do it with.

Again I want to stress this isn't a post bashing the game but rather me having a serious issue that I haven't been able to fix since launch. I bought the DLC's 3-4 months ago, this account is much older, and I'm not sure what else could be the problem. Is the population of this game just a lot lower than I'm thinking? In that case why is it on every stream I see their LFG's tabs filled to the brim with groups sometimes, even when I'm on the same world?

I'd really appreciate any help. The only thing I haven't tried doing yet to resolve the problem is making a new account but aside from that I've restarted my game, my pc, reinstalled the game and a few drivers to see if that could somehow help and I've come up with nothing so far.

Thanks for reading and sorry for any mistakes, I'm typing this through a phone and I'm not the best mobile typer.

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