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[Suggestions]QoL (Quality of Life) Ideas - [Merged]

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I'd love to see the following:


  • Ability to hide squad member nameplates. All that nameplates overclutter the screen and discourage joining any squad.
  • Per-character keybinds. I play different professions and they have different rotation flow. I usually follow some semantics when binding keys, like healing skill on Shift+E, offensive skill on Shift-F, defensive skill on Shift-G, etc., and that would make playing them much more enjoyable.
  • For the love of god reduce cooldown time on Rechargable Teleport To Friend. One hour cooldown is too much, but having to stay online all that time is just an overkill. I regret buying that useless item.
  • Remember selected commander tag color through game sessions.
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On 5/13/2021 at 1:57 PM, BlueJin.4127 said:

Remove the flashing lights from Holosmith skills. I can't play Holosmith at all because it hurts my eyes from all those flashing lights. Some of us have sensitive eyes and experience pain and discomfort from flashing lights, Anet.

Give me an option to turn off spell effects, the visual clutter is insane esp on boss fights. I cant see what the boss is doing because all the player spells, player auras, player flash. Seriously let me turn it all down or disable it. If holo gets you but the rave flashing going on in fights dont thats a little strange.

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