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Facet of Nature - Glint Version bugged??


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So FoN is obviously lacking tool tips at the moment as others have mentioned, however does anyone know what the Glint version of the passive actually does? I’m pretty sure it’s bugged at the moment.

For example it says it extends allies applied boons so I was working with my Mesmer friend and asked him to get 0 boon duration to see exactly how much the new FoN gives. My assumption was it was probably still 33% like before.

However in testing his 0 boon duration well of action only gave 4 seconds of quickness (which is baseline for WoA) to both of us. Additionally, I tested it further with self generated boons like Brutality and I couldn’t get it to increase my boons at all. The only time it seemed to have an effect was on pulsing swiftness from my other facet.

Has anyone tested it and played with it? I spent like two hours trying to figure out what the hell it does now or if it was bugged. I’m pretty sure it’s bugged, but the tooltip could just be super misleading, too

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It does pretty much nothing of note, it's either 10% or 0%.

Upkeep increased from 2 to 3= massive nerfBoon duration bonus decreased to something completely neglible= massive nerfAll five boons gone (fury 6s, 3 might 6s, regen 8s, prot 4s, swiftness 8s) and replaced by a measly 2s increase to only the boons currently on us= stupendously massive nerfBase boon duration decreased from 16% to 8%= why?

Look, I just don't understand why Glint's Facet of Nature is such utter garbage when AT LEAST the actives for all 4 other legends are great. Jalis= AoE stab. Great. Shiro= AoE boonrip. Fantastic! Ventari= AoE cleanse. Wonderful! Mallyx= AoE condition transfer? Legitimately might bring condi rev back on its own.

But Glint? Glint's active SUCKS. F2, the skill that once was a staple, is now complete trash. I would propose at least keeping the old passive and active effects while in Glint.

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