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Again a troll... :(

Dreamy Lu.3865

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Yesterday, we had again a troll in the team chat and he was very active, insulting, using caps, provoking... In short, the usual. Aside of the chat, he was tagging up same color than commanders around, trying to spoil strategy. He lasted for almost 2 hours... :s

So yes, of course, we can block trolls: But it does not really free the chat since we keep seeing the answers made to him, because of course, some can't resist answering, feeding them again and again... Ticking off team chat is also not really a solution, because we miss the other input related to WvW. And yes, we can report too: But I have never seen that it helps in the moment we need it.

I am usually rather one who just shuttles head thinking "one more idiot" and smiling at it, then blocking, but at times, I am tired of it, like now. I know it can hardly be avoided and there is no optimal solution, so that writing this is like walking against a wall, as in leading nowhere, but well, I needed to rant loud about a bit. Thank you for the hearing and sorry. :3

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