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new player here how many times can you raid per week on multiple characters?

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The main raid rewards are per boss per account per week with resets happening on monday 9:30 (GMT+1, Berlin, Germany time) for EU servers.

Killing a raid boss multiple times per week only rewards 4 or so additional loot bags per kill. Failing to loot the boss statue and leaving the instance (or reopening it) will forfeit the loot since the game has then tagged you as having completed the boss. The game does not track IF you looted the boss chest or not.

Magnetite shards are caped at 150 per week and will be rewarded for boss kills and/or any boss attempts (more the lower the bosses life was at wipe). Gaeting Crystals work similar to Magnetite shards but are capped at 50 per week and are rewarded for Wing 5 and onward raids.

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