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Devouring Darkness

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Super cool new ability, and very welcome!However, the API entry for the boon strip portion of the ability does not appear to match the tooltip.The API seems to be reporting two boon strip values for the new Devouring Darkness ability, is this a bug, or is it intended to strip five boons?

{"text": "Boons Converted to Conditions","type": "Number","icon": "https://render.guildwars2.com/file/9352ED3244417304995F26CB01AE76BB7E547052/156661.png","value": 3},{"text": "Boons Converted to Conditions","type": "Number","icon": "https://render.guildwars2.com/file/9352ED3244417304995F26CB01AE76BB7E547052/156661.png","value": 2}

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