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Can we have recipes to change stats of WvW infusions ?


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@steki.1478 said:It's cheaper to buy new ones than to actually stat swap them. That's the whole reason why pve has swapping, +9 with stats are expensive.

In particular,

  • WvW Infusions cost 5 laurels, worth under 5 gold if efficiently converted to coin.
  • Only the PvE AR+9/Stat+5 infusions can be converted and those cost 80-120g if efficiently crafted.

Additionally, it costs 7g plus 'activator' costs to convert a fractal infusion, which is already more than the cost of buying more WvW infusions.

I'm not against the idea of of adding a recipe. But it's hard to imagine that it's actually going to be worthwhile for anyone who has laurels already.

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People are forgetting there use to be forced defense/offense infusions, now the system allows you to use whatever, so a lot of players don't use the defense ones anymore and they're sitting in banks being wasted, along with their laurel cost being wasted. But yeah if you're looking to switch offensive ones, don't bother, the meta changes like every 6 months anyways.

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