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Lf Guild NA, casual/social, CST preferred


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I'm looking for a really casual/social guild. Honestly I like the visual? chatter while I play, but I'd also like to get to know more people as well. I'm usually on in the middle of the day CST and then a bit in the evening. I'm one of those natural morning people, but it means I get tired before 10pm.

I played WOW for years, and quit for ~4 years when I got a job where commuting became my new hobby (also I didn't like that raiding became all I did in WOW, it was boring). I started up this a year or two ago, and then just came back a few months ago. Got laid off from the long commute job. In between applying for new work, knitting and other crafts, I've spent a lot more time playing. It's looking like the only reason I might disappear would be if I got another long commute job, it would need to be amazing pay for that BS.

My server is Gates of Madness if that matters.

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