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[Theory craft] What could be the masteries for Expansion 3?


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Gliding and mounts have changed Guild Wars 2 fundamentally and brought new life to this game.

However, I wonder what will come with expansion 3. I can't think of any mastery that's as game-changing and innovative as mounts and gliding and will player want to buy the expansion.

Maybe you have an idea? Would really like to therory-craft with you :)

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@Sodeni.6041 said:

@Lucas.2974 said:Well, they’re both movement and exploration based masteries, so maybe something along those lines.

But what would that be? I cna only think of other mounts.Just some ideas -- not saying these should be the actual masteries but some things to consider... ya know, get those brain juices flowing. Just ideas I'm tossing out there because people need help thinking of things.

Underwater Expansion:

  • Rapid Swimming - Swim underwater faster
  • Rapid Ascent - Swim to the surface extremely fast
  • Cavitation Bubble - Using an elite skill underwater places your character in a bubble. Players within the bubble get extra healing bonus.
  • Pressurized Armor - Allows the player to descend to the deepest areas of Tyria without being crushed by water pressure
  • Underwater Sight - Player emmits light while in the depths (range of 200 or whatever) allowing the player and other players to see more clearly in super deep, toxic or murky water.

Far Nothern Shiverpeaks Expansion

  • Koda's Will - Allows the player to go into the coldest areas of Tyria (like the Kodan crap without the flame)
  • Kodan Merchantile - Gives access to special merchants in isolated Kodan tribes
  • Polar Bear Mount - Ground-based mount with multiple attacks to engage in combat (think of one AOE Raptor attack, one heavy-damage single-target attack, one charge attack)
  • Polar Bear Speed - When in icy zones your polar bear mount travels 20% faster.
  • Kodan Strength - Unlocks a new Utility Trait that increases Power, Ferocity and Precision by 5% for 15 seconds. 90 second cooldown. (Available to all races and classes)

Things you can do with Races

  • Blood Legion masteries that are only available with the Charr in the Blood Legion Homelands.
  • Tengu Mastery that lets you access Tengu Merchants.
  • Tengu Mastery to call in Tengu to fight alongside you (like the Thief Elite ability).
  • Tengu Mastery to get access to the Dominion of the Winds.

Mechanics Masteries

  • Gathering Mastery A - Gathering Nodes now appear on your map
  • Gathering Master B - Ore Nodes now appear when you're twice as far away.
  • Gathering Master C - Herb Nodes now appear when you're twice as far away.
  • Gathering Master D - Wood Nodes now appear when you're twice as far away.
  • Waypoint Mastery A - Waypoints are free to use.
  • Waypoint Mastery B - You can pick which instance you want to travel to when Waypointing
  • Commander Mastery - New Commander Colors/Tags can be made available
  • Dance Mastery - Learn New Dance Moves for your Race
  • Dance Mastery 2 - When dancing you get actions to choreograph your own dances
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Whatever masteries come with expac 3, I really hope that HoT and PoF are required to buy it. I fucking love gliding, and I love mounts, and I really want to see expac maps in expac 3 require both gliding and mounts to fully navigate. As much as I get that since HoT isn't required for PoF, gliding can't be required, I disagree with this choice. Maps designed around gliding are some of the best maps in the game so far.

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I saw the Spider mount that was scrapped and thought would make a great climbing mount. Something that for a time limit can climb walls and mountainsides. Mastery max removes time limit. Give it a limited spitting attack and you can knock stuff off a perch. Run along side ( would undersides be too hard) of a huge fallen tree guarded by deadly mobs. Or use spider web to lower youself places like a reverse springer.

Limited stealth mount that lets you sneak past things?

Glowing mounts for dark zones.

I'm hoping for an underwater overhaul next.

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This game is so full of potential for more masteries, its sad to see that anet didn start with most of the basic useful ones already with HoT to give also Core Tyria alot more Masteries

  • Gathering Mastery
  • Salvaging Mastery
  • Identification Mastery
  • Diving/Swimming Mastery
  • Fishing Mastery
  • Digging Mastery
  • Crafting Masteries for all Craftign Jobs
  • More Mount Masteries for Climbing, Stealth, Speedster & Carrier Mount Types as like Mounted Combat
  • Teleportation Mastery
  • Haggling Mastery (to make NPCs more profitable and to have a way to reduce their Money/Karma costs)
  • Building Mastery for Player Housing
  • Gardening Mastery to plant your own flowers, herbs and the like
  • Movement Masteries that enable you more Heroic Moves with the Environment, like running temporarely on walls, performing saltos ovr obstacles in your way ect. pp)
  • Commander Masteries to expand the Features as a Commander and to unlock for yourself also Companions (Heroes of your Account Characters) that you can command as their Leader
  • Region Access Masteries, with that you unlock access to special surreal Elite-Game Regions, like the Underworld, Realm of Torment, Fissure of Woe ect. as Elite Maps to explore which provide some form of Elite Dungeons and Elite Raids while being just exploreable persistent maps like always full of Events also, maybe also Meta Events with some new Elite World Bosses also in them, and Elite Bounties as well.
  • Photographer Mastery as a Feature, that allows you to make better Ingame Pictures from yourself or others while running around with your Camera
  • Meditation Mastery to gain spiritual buffs from Meditation Shrines of the Gods similar liek we had that as well in GW1
  • Emote Masteries to unlock a large amount of more Emotes, new Dances ect.
  • Racial Speech Masteries for Kodan, Grawl, Quaggan, Tengu, Largos, Mursaat, Charr, Norn, Asura, Kurzick/Luxons (Human Factions) to make the Races lorewise more depthful and to have also some kind of Racial Masteries that can make eventually Racial Skills more interesting to use to make the Race you play matter also more, while you explore maps and to learn eventually also some new Racial Skills (Requires Redesign of Revenant's Utility Skill Design. That Energy Gameplay is nonsense)
  • Sailing/Subdiving Mastery - to unlock access to navigating Boats/Sailing Ships with that you can cross the wide oceans to gain access to Cantha, gain access to craft your own Ship for Naval Battles on the sea against Krakens, Sea Serpents, Sirens ect. with that you can withstand also maelstroms, seastorms, heavy seas with brutal waves on Underwater Maps that are designed around just naval and underwater gameplay. the mastery allows you in the end to turn your Ship even with some asura technology into Submarines.

The potential with masteries is endless, theres so much things, anet could do with this system to make HW2 on the logn run an awesome game with lots of fun and interesting gameplay aspects and features to keep players for a real long time busy

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I think it's best to avoid masteries like "Exalted Language" and "Exalted Acceptance", where NPCs won't talk to you unless you've gotten the mastery, and that's all it does.

Bouncing mushrooms and sand portals are about as low as I'll go for "good" masteries, because you can only use them in places where they've been placed for you to use. Sure, they're handy to have when they're intended to be used, but most of the time they're useless.

So, let's start with some kind of "Ascension" mastery. Say, first level allows you to open barriers and some special chests. Higher levels somewhat negate an opponent's special defense (also introduced in the expansion), and at max level you can actually strip away that defense in several hits, allowing other players to do full damage as well.

Then, a "Forgotten" mastery, perhaps? First level allows the use of Forgotten "waypoint" shrines on new maps, and higher levels allow you to gain different buffs from the shrines?

Honestly, I think the movement abilities of the mounts were VERY good choices for mastery lines, but I'm having a hard time coming up with anything that compares. PoF may be as good as masteries will get.

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Climbing would be an obvious followup in the movement skill theme. Maybe for a Depths of Tyria setting, where the floor is lava and you have to stick to the walls. Could seriously break maps in the rest of the world, though, unless it can only be used on certain surfaces. Heck, I would spend mastery points just to use ladders.

For non-movement, I would love to see the racial skills reworked from the ground up, and expanded out with masteries.

  • Start by removing the existing skills and replacing them with a transform/kit that replaces your skill bar.
  • Hold the weapon-swap key to switch between "profession mode" and "cultural mode," which is based on a big option from character select.
  • Humans get their god's avatar form, norn get their animal form, asura command a golem based on their college, sylvari can sprout stuff around them according to their cycle, and charr could summon and command their warband (sort of like the mechanic in a certain new story mission).
  • Without masteries, all you get is weapon skills (1-5).
  • Masteries unlock healing and utility skills based on other personal elements: other character creation selections, your order, personality type, etc.
  • Another mastery track could improve all the weapon skills, and a third track could potentially give passive bonuses while in "cultural mode."
  • To make it useful without allowing it to match the raw power of profession skills, give this mode access to something exclusive that's useful in the expansion content. Maybe it's the only way to interact with objects, platforms, and enemies phased halfway between here and the mists; or it can be used with the above climbing mastery; or whatever.
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