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Getting tag credit without damage

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So I had a wild thought the other day; "What if I ran the Istan farm as a support class, such as the new and improved Herald? Ventari even?"

Obviously fairly quickly though, I realized this would never work because you don't get champion bags without hitting a damage requirement on a mob. Further, champs die so quick in meta events that you have to basically be optimized for getting tag credit to even have a chance for bags in the first place. Even running as a power holo with a full turret arsenal, I'm only ever able to get at most about 80% of the bags possible.

But it would be nice though. I'd like to contribute something more interesting than mash-mash DPS, such as buffs, heals, barriers, all-of-the-above, and still be able to reliably get pouches. But playstyles like Ventari, although useful and fun to play - don't get loot credit!

So I would like to ask for a change to the tagging system. Something like; "If you heal at least X amount and/or provide X amount of boons and/or cleanse/convert X amount of debuffs - and a unit you've healed within the last 20 seconds gets tag credit & kills a monster, you also get tag credit". Extra emphasis placed on cleansing or providing powerful effects (such as granting allies Quickness or purging Slow).

So for example(s);

  1. Herald provides 10 stacks of might to 5+ allies, and 1+ of those allies get tag credit on a champion = Herald gets tag credit on the champion.
  2. Chronomancer provides Quickness to 5+ allies, and 1+ of those allies get tag credit on a champion = Chronomancer gets tag credit on the champion.
  3. Elementalist cleanses 5 conditions from allies and generates 10k+ of healing on allies over the course of 20 seconds, and 1+ of those allies get tag credit on a champion = Elementalist gets tag credit on the champion.

Thanks for reading.

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