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Scriptures of Yahuah (SY) is Recruiting (NA) NSP


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Scriptures of Yahuah (SY) is a guild recruiting forNA, NSPWvW, PvP, HavocNew/VeteranThis is a brand new guild and looking for Mature Family Friendly players.We are a guild that believes and Follows in the Heavenly Father and his Messiah.We also will be holding- Scripture readings, prayer/prayer requests, Biblical discussions and or questions, which will be held in Discord,while keeping a pretty competitive game mind set. Mics are of importance but not a deal breaker. We would love to have you as a part of our family for we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. We want to show the gaming community that we can put God first and still play heavy and hard and keep up the competition! Plans are still being made and guild needs some work but this is an amazing start. If interested pls message in here or in game. Thank you for your time and May Father Bless you all.

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