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Renegade works ~well~ but not absolutely amazing against condition classes with the Mallyx legend and Resistance. It typically falls short against power classes and Especially power Burst classes, such as GS Mirage, Reaper, quickness Soulbeast, Ranger in general actually, most Warriors, cleansing Guardians etc.

The only thing you need to do is watch out for your bar for conditions and wait to transfer or cleanse them. Otherwise it's just a matter of keep pressing forward into the Renegade's space, especially after they've used up their summon utilities, even attacking from long range with ranger longbow or mesmer greatsword works just as well; it's only mid-range where Renegade excels against classes that can't handle condition pressure.

The targetable, cc-able, and easily killable Renegade summons aren't all that menacing despite their appearance, especially since only 2 out of 5 actually damage you. It just takes some practice to recognize their patterns, like with any enemy class; you'll get the hang of it eventually.

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