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Question about movespeed buffs and mounts


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I want to maximize my movement speed but I've heard there is a cap on movement speed and buffs aren't compatible with mounts?

So I'm wondering how all the various buffs I have work out with each other, if I'm wasting buffs because my speed is already capped.And I'm wondering if, with all my buffs, I'm not already moving as fast as I would on a mount so a mount becomes pointless.

Engineer traits:Mecha Legs, +25% movement speed.

Gear traits:Superior Rune of the Traveler, +25% movement speed.

I also have permanent swiftness from various engineer traits and skills, +33% movement speed.

Then adding to that I have several forms of superspeed that seem to last 2 seconds for each instance, but have long cooldowns, +100% movement speed.Rocket boots, toolkit, and slick shoes all give me three instances of superspeed for 2 seconds, but have cooldowns of about 16, 20, and 30 seonds.

So, my assumption is this, and please let me know if it is correct:

  1. That a mount overrides everything else, putting me at +100% movement speed, and doesn't stack with anything else I have.
  2. That the first three combine to give me a total of +83% movement speed, which makes me only 17% slower than a mount (and I assume all mounts are the same speed).
  3. That during the times of superspeed, it does not stack with other forms of movement speed, so I am moving at +100% speed total. Which means I am just as fast as a mount.
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movement speed bonuses don't stack, it takes your highest modifier and disregards the rest.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Movement_SpeedMovement Speed increases do not stack with each other—only the greatest value takes effect. For example, a character under the effect of Signet of Air (+25%) and swiftness (+33%) will only move 33% faster.

as for mount speeds, someone did a test on them here

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Mounts are quite a bit faster than +100%. On foot speed of a player is capped at 400 u/s.

Meanwhile mounts move at ...raptor 600 u/ssprinter 575 u/sskimmer on land 550 u/sskimmer on water 850 u/sjackal 625 u/sgriffon 500 u/sbeetle 610 u/s

Movement speed does not stack with two exceptions. It uses whichever buff is higher. The exceptions are the swimming infusions and the revenant trait Rising Momentum

Due to the speed cap the highest speed increase you can get is actually +36% while out of combat and +90% while in combat. The full benefit of the +100% applies if you are crippled or chilled while in combat.

You can get up to an effective speed of 420 u/s with the choya pinata.

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