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Unicode support for passwords

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Could you please fix your UTF-8 support for passwords? It only seems to be partially supported.On the website you can enter the full UTF-8 range but most characters above code point xFFFF (where the four byte range begins) count as two characters in your password entry field. Additionally you can't use those characters to login through the game client.All the 1-3 byte characters work fine and as expected.

E.g. d꘰(bTYðR~䎉´Vsgli䲞LᲲ.e"ƨE l_Ƕ(,uP_>ĩs厰㶩漤ပ虤`鮒ⵇ\⵴þ?AHuٕhƽZudžbZlŸ@-- works fine, while y+qxq4뮩?ĉ¯_o蚂ﰮľWOǑvSvS{UQ?┐귲ᇄ=żý.? ?p#]꿚&麵㲺ǍÃ^u*qDǑǻ?#?83< does not, although it accounts for your software counting the 4 byte characters as 2 characters.

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