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Returning player LFGuild after 2-3 years away (Anvil Rock Home server)


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Hey,Just like the topic says I'm looking for a friendly but active guild to help me get back in the swing of things (think of me as an investment ;-D)I main ranger / warrior (both 80...gotta love tomes of knowledge) and used to be pretty focused on spvp (pretty much exclusively), but this time around I would like to branch out and do some WvW (Since my computer can handle it now) and PvE (for them sick skins!)Haven't played in maybe 2 or 3 years...just been trying to learn the new spvp meta and get used to the game again (Haven't touched PvE yet...so lost). So what I would ask of any potential recruiters is patience. But once I get back into it again I think I would be an asset.You can contact me here or in game with the handles:Apophiis, Âpophiis, or MAYBE Apóphiis

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