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Looking to make a Weekend Static for Raids


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Hello World,

I am looking to make a new-comer static for raids, little to no experience is welcomed just be willing to learn and have a positive attitude. Wanting to make a party that is close to optimal composition but I am willing to take some liberties, our primary focus is to have fun... in a video game, go figure.

Discord is a must.players who can play multiple roles highly desired.

[ Just starting with my wife and I. So everyone will be new in the group; I play Guardian as DPS(Condi. DPS incoming as well)/heals, can also play Druid (attempting to learn Mesmer)...Wife plays Druid, Holosmith, Condi. BS]

Feel free to message me here or in game (Wife and I are east-coast; other time zones welcome but looking for early evening hours for east coast)

....need not apply if any of the following a applies to you-impatient-High expectations-Prone to crying if party is not Fully-Meta composition, and making this the soul reason why we are not clearing something

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Hey fella's

Forgot i made this post as it didn't get a lot of attention/traction for a while. Since this post was made I formed a static inside the game, although we are looking to fill 1 more role.

We are in need of a BS primarly, and if you are geared for anything else that be great. Everyone in the group so far can fill multiple roles. BS/Power/Condi.

We play weekends Saturday for sure and Sunday most times. 9:30pm Eastern Time... For the most part most of the group is new to raids but we have been able to get a few consistent kills under our belts and learning new raids... We have a couple people who are familiar with the raids and has been acting as a guide for us which has helped a lot.

If anyone is still interested please feel free to PM me in game or send me in game mail.

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