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Anet finally starting to specialise each element...a welcome change of attitude


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It seems anet trying to go back to GW1 roots ...using a GW2 style, can't complain really, the latest trait and aura changes are surely a step in the right direction and I am looking forward for the changes to earth trait line:

  • I really love the additional ferocity in the air trait line
  • Having the fire traitline as additional way to deal with condis will be surely a great tool for eles
  • Overall a good patch for eles

The build diversity has surely increased by a tad for eles, there are still quite "few" issues to fixes but all in all ..we're moving forward finally

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Can't say I fully agree with your statement that the elements are becoming specialized. The recent changes did move some (most?) of the crit/ferocity to air, but at the same time added condition removal to fire. I agree its a good move to move specialized stuff from the elite specializations though. Who knows, maybe we'll get a support weaver some day.

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Since the specialization update they've been trying to make elements more specialized, for example by removing signet traits from fire.

From the wiki:

Fire: focuses on fire magic, increased damage, and burning. Enhances fire weapon skills and conjured weapon skills.Air: focuses on air magic, movement speed, and critical hits and critical damage. Enhances air weapon skills and glyph skills.Earth: focuses on earth magic, defense, and bleeding. Enhances earth weapon skills and signet skills.Water: focuses on water magic, healing, and exploiting Vulnerability on foes. Enhances water weapon skills and cantrip skills.Arcane: focuses on critical hits, boons, and the switching of attunements. Enhance attunement and arcane skills.

@"Aldath.1275" said:IDK, Fire is supposed to be the heavy damage element, yet the rotation still consists in abusing Fresh Air...

Fire is supposed to be the raw damage + burning element, while Air is the critical hit + critical damage element. So Fire sounds more of a hybrid build, while Air is the go-to critical damage choice. Of course based on weapon used these change, for example Air skills on Staff are garbage damage-wise. After "specializing" the traits, now they should do a pass and enforce those on weapon skills too...

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