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Season 13 im bad here a vid


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jUST GOT BANNED FOR MY CHAR NAME THAT IVE HAD FOR 2 YEARS wow wtf lmao Ill put the proof on youtube 7 part of my episodes not tonight im rage drinking now . But don't worry you see I'm a trained professional at this sort of thing you see most of you will see this on the 3rd 4th 11 page when thisgs like this happen they have paid trolls THE SAME ONES THAT BUMPED OLD post or created new ones after my vidthat I posted 2 hours ago knowing they watched it its in the pvp section of the forum .. Completely by passing this post... to bump a old topic or create a new one to BE LITTLE a post, that they think are not worthy of the truth its all good this is 2018 MY computer post broseing history and records 24-7 And you know you can remove this post all together and you will But for what its worth I have 5 KIDS and I tell them about the furture of public gamming and forums NEVER STOP OPPOSEING this is like the war on drugs entertainment will never trump peoples real thoughts they just need awoken NOW QUE FOR GRAMMER TROLLS lol cause ill report you



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