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[NA] [blackgate] old player returning looking for a pvx guild


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I have had guild wars 2 since beta and I have been on and off for a few years due to some irl stuff and have a little over 1300 hours put into the game. i have a theif thats pretty much full ascended but half of the armor is valk im currently changing the stats to zerker but ive been playing path of fire since i came back on my mesmer which is full exotic berserker and i want to make a ascended set for that but i also have a warrior almost full ascended but since the expansion ive just been wanting to play theif and mesmer. I was pretty knowledgeable on most content, but after not playing for a while i forgot a few things and there is quite a few new things ive had to learn.

So im looking for a guild to do pretty much anything with fractals, dungeons, raids, event grinds, guild missions, WvW and pretty much anything that matters since im pretty low on gold and leveling my tailoring and buying the mounts is taking a toll on my wallet.

IGN: dante.8375 and my discord if you want to add me on there is Blissy#6383 discord is highly prefered for me cant really use TS or Vent anymore since i made the change

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