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Shining Aspects trait - why does it have a cooldown?


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Shining Aspects is one of the new Herald traits. At first glance, it seems reasonably interesting. Base 389 heal on any Consume skill, and you have 6 (actually only 5 - True Nature does not count) of those.

But once you think about it, it is a little strange that a cooldown exists.

Looking at the numbers, the max base heal you could get "at one time" (actually ~3.25s of cast times) is 1945 — not exactly much. (I should also mention, it's healing power scaling doesn't seem to be all that much — 551 healing with 1179 healing power.) However, that 1945 healing is bound to the cooldown of the Consume skills... With recharges of 15, 15, 15, 20, and 30 on the Consume skills, this trait has pretty limited activation for a little bit of healing to begin with. In a whole minute, the healing comes to a maximum potential of 6613.

Guardian Rejuvenation does 5040 per minute, and Elementalist Soothing Mist does 4800 (albeit with far higher scaling). Scrapper Rapid Regeneration heals for 6060 under swiftness, and would be a staggering 20400 if you could possibly maintain superspeed for a minute.

Given those numbers on traits that are even more passive, the heal from Shining Aspects seems quite in line with other (semi-)passive healing traits.

Having noted all that, what purpose does the 3s cooldown on Shining Aspects serve?The only thing I can think of realistically happening is the trait's healing potential being accidentally swallowed by players activating 2-3 facet consumes in just slightly too little time.

If the healing is deemed a tad to much, it would seem better UX if it healed for, say, 365 (putting its per-minute cap to 6205), rather than have an internal cooldown which may very well just swallow the potential healing altogether... :/

Anyways, yeah. Discuss I suppose.

Edit: updated numbers because I did math wrong last night and didn't notice the True Nature anomaly.

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Ok so my original post actually had something incorrect. True Nature for some reason does not count as a Consume skill, meaning that the base heal potential "at one time" is actually only 1945. It was pretty late last night and it seems like I also miscalculated the healing per minute, which should be higher still. (4 + 4 + 4 + 3 + 2 potential maximum casts in a minute.)

Updating the post...

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