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[EU][Raid][Static] Group LF fellow raiders to do weekly raids


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We are 8 players currently raiding in GW2 looking to fill up the last 2 slots. Raiding is usually done on weekends, scheduling raids is done weekly in accordance with availability of the group.We are looking for preferably a Tank Chronomancer and a Support Chronomancer or a dps and a Tank chronomancer.Requirements are:​

  • 10 LI (Legendary Insight)
  • Atleast exotic armour with the right stats.
  • Preferably Ascended weapons. Exotic is allowed with the right stats. Though Ascended weapons should be something that is being worked on.
  • Ascended trinkets
  • Knowing your rotation and role
  • Have a sense of humourIf you're still in the process of gearing up. Feel free to apply too.You can contact me at Usui.4739 or discord Heavon#0716
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