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[CG] Presents Crystal Oasis chest farm - high profit potential than RIBA.


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Please upvote the Reddit post so we can get this widely-known, thank you!Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/72gi33/cg_presents_new_crystal_oasis_chest_farm/

Items needed:Treasure Hunting Kits(Purchasable from Elisa - 77 karma, 1 Ley-infused sands); I'd recommend 50+ maps.

What to do:1) Get a group of 15+ People each with treasure hunting kits.2) Find a spot where you see a blue circle, for everyone to sit at.3) Get everyone to use their Map in that same one spot.4) Get that person to lead you to their chest within the spot, open it, repeat until everyone in that area has used that treasure map.5) Everyone goes to their guild hall / rezones / finds a way to refresh radar and repeat.6) Endlessly farm chests on the same spot without moving much.


  • Using a treasure map does not consume it.
    • Consumption only occurs once you loot a chest.
  • Opening a chest is not unique to you; everyone can loot it once, even if it is outside of their radar zone.
  • You can refresh your radar by rezoning, relogging, remapping.
  • Spots look like this

Gold per hour / findings:

  • Depending on market prices after this publication, it has potential be anywhere from 30-35g/h, this would require top efficiency from everyone being pro-active with their scrolls.
  • Expected profit now with minimal efficiency due to not understanding, around 15-20g/h
  • Blue Circles seem to have fixed spawning locations in CO, unconfirmed, but they have spawned in the same 7-8 places for me.


  • Lots of materials, unidentified blue/green/rares, and cache boxes.
  • You can farm one spot and get up to 15-20 chests with a group of 50+ people.
  • The farm can be as big as how many people fit on a map and willing to follow.
  • Has the potential to be highly profitable with the right group of people.


  • Requires zerg to be attentive to their maps.
  • Requires little effort, could get boring very quickly.
  • Seeing who is leeching and not making chests will be very easily noticed.

Loot from buried treasure:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Buried_Treasure

You do not get crates in the Desert Highlands meta superior buried treasures.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Superior_Buried_Treasure

Facebook note (will be updated with additional research):https://www.facebook.com/notes/dakotacoty/cg-presents-new-high-profit-crystal-oasis-chest-farm-cf/1612344115502716/

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