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[EU]PvEverything - Just sayn - Looking for more guildies!


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  • Hello there! Just Sayn is a decent ish sized guild looking for new blood!. (Not to suck. just to play with :P)

  • We’re a chilled guild with the main focus of having fun while getting shit done :3

  • Random build discussions in guild chat, Factals, Raids, Dungeons, Wvw and PvP are just some of the things we do together as a guild. Everyone is welcome to join in these events regardless of experience and anyone is welcome to organise these events

  • We wish to create a friendly, constructive atmosphere while having as much fun as possible. All new guildies are required a 1 week period of being a “New Guildie” in the guild before being promoted as a “Guildie”

  • As a Guildie, anyone can invite their friends to the guild and start guild missions whenever they like. We do not really have a repping rule, so rep as you like.

  • We got teams of ppl doing Daily T4 fractals troughout the day so shout in Gchat for ppl to come with!

  • We also got Weekly Raids on Fridays and Saturdays at 9 CEST

  • Give a shoutout here on reddit or ingame to

  • DawnSnitch.8702

  • Trickfully.1830

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