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[NA]Looking for static raid training group.


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I am looking for a group who is serious about progressing and who raids multiple times per week (the more the better for me). I have a bit of experience with wing 1 and a few other bosses beyond wing 1. I may be a bit rusty at this point. I play Guardian exclusively right now im only geared for power Dragon Hunter but I can put a vipers set together for Firebrand which I also have experience on. I am available to raid pretty much anytime any day excluding around 8PM-10PM est daily there may be some flexability there but at this very moment I am unavailble at that time. I have tried all the training discords and whatnot and its always the same song, raid for 2 hours with new people everytime and never progress. If anybody has a group who may fit into these parameters please contact me. Thanks for reading.

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