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[Suggestion] Guild Alliance System


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To get straight to the point, the guild alliance system is meant to allow smaller guilds to combine themselves into a conglomeration of guilds big enough to organize missions in order to grow and provide larger guilds the opportunity to assist in smaller or other larger guilds' activities in exchange for a type of currency that is rewarded to the assisting guild in said alliance. This currency can be used to buy cool stuff and possibly upgrade their hall(s) further than normal.

  • Alliances will be tagged with <>s.
  • Alliances can have a maximum of 5 guilds.
  • Guilds can be in no more than 1 Alliance.
  • Guilds within Alliance may enter Allied Guild Halls and use their facilities but not their resources.
  • All members of all guilds within the alliance have viewing access to the Alliance Menu.
  • Guild members with administrative privileges also have access to the Alliance menu's tools so that they can use to communicate and coordinate with other alliance members.
  • Guilds can set permissions for alliance members who use their facilities. Allied Guild Members who enter a Guild Hall are by default the lowest rank unless they are part of the guild who's hall they are visiting and of a different rank.
  • Guilds within the Alliance are automatically qualified to participate in guild missions any allied guild activates. The full favor reward will go to the guild that activates it while a small percentage of the reward is awarded to the supporting guild in addition to the new currency and guild hall specific mats.
  • There are NO alliance Leaders, only administrators. These administrators are those with permissions to use the Alliance Menu.
  • Invitations and requests to join are voted on with a 50% acceptance requirement before the guild becomes the part of the Alliance.

Discuss. :)

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