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LFGuild on DB (PvE/casual - NA/USA/Chicago/CENTRAL)


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I've been a solo PvE/casual player for a little bit but am interested in doing more with groups and a guild seemed a good way to do that. I'm at least curious about all of the areas of the game I haven't tried. I play mostly in the evenings or on weekends. Was a long-time player of GW (orig/F/NF/EotN), and have all of the art books and the 3 novels. Definitely a fan of the lore and the world. I bought GW2 at launch but didn't really play until this summer (yup, 2018). Basically a n00b. Willing to switch servers (currently on Dragonbrand). Willing to use VoIP/Discord/whatever. Intrigued by the idea of RP a lot (played a lot of D&D back in the day - originally attracted to GW by an interview from ArenaNet that referenced old D&D modules for the way they were doing additional story chapters).

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