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[EU][Raid][Static] Polarlicht [Aura] looking for experienced raiders.


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Hello all!

We are not recruiting at the moment.

A little bit about us:

  • We've been clearing all raid wings together for over a year.

  • Most of us have between 700-1.000 Li's and we've done all CM's and achievements in wings 1-5.

  • We have a discord server though we use TS during raids.

  • We keep track of every run since may 2017 on excel. We also use it as a sign up sheet for every week.

  • We raid on Mondays (W1-W5) and Thursdays (W6) at t 19:30 CEST. It usually takes us about 3 hours to clear W1-W5.

  • However, quite a few members have left recently so runs might not be as smooth as they used to be. We hope toget back up to speed soon!

  • We have a calm demeanour though we strive for smooth clears.

What are we looking for?

  • Recruitment is closed for now.

  • We don't have any specific requirements since we will decide based on your performance and demeanour if you fit in Aura. Also, since this is a two-way street, you'll have time to decide if you like us too.

You can whisper or send us a message in-game:

  • anabasis.7346, Haniera.8427
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