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[Suggestion] Make nameplates ground-target 'transparent'


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The nameplate at the top of the screen interferes with free ground targeting. If you initiate a skill with a ground target reticle while mousing over the nameplate (any ui element actually, but the nameplates are the biggest problem) the ground target will snap to your characters position. If you didn't hit the skill hotkey while mousing over the nameplate but release it/click-to-cast while hovering over the nameplate, the skill reticle will disappear altogether, returning an out-of-range error.

Which is quite annoying, since I very rarely want to cast a ground target right at my feet, much less have the skill fail altogether. As buffs have greatly increased since game launch, and conditions have been increased as well, this can sometimes mean that the target nameplate takes up quite a large space at the top of the screen, which makes effectively aiming ground targeted skills at or near their maximum range needlessly difficult, especially in the chaos of combat (and especially in WvW).

I'd like it if the target bar specifically could be changed so that it doesn't interfere with skill targeting this way. I'm not 100% sure if this is intended behaviour or a bug, but if it is a bug, it would be better if it's not fixed for all UI elements, as when i've posted about this in the past i've had people say they take advantage of this 'feature' for easy might stacking (if you just click the skill button for a ground target, and don't have ground target set to normal, you will automatically cast the skill at your characters feet, which is good for blasting fire fields).

It would be really nice if it was changed so that the target's healthbar & buffs didn't interfere with skill targeting this way, though. Especially since there's no easy way to drop target altogether when you're in the midst of a large scale fight, where enemies may occupy almost all space on your screen (wvw).

Edit: reddit link with embedded video to show what i mean.

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Not just nameplates, all UI elements. Who isn't tired of clicking boons in fractals only to get a ground target focused on self instead the intended target, or even the characters who has those boons you clicked.

But I much rather have a way to move the nameplates away from there. That spot at the top of the screen is exactly where I'm looking most of the time with action camera, specially with ranged weapons and against larger enemies, so way too often any enemy I'm targeting is under its healthbar. Horribly annoying.
The target's healthbar should be movable higher to the top, maybe even to the side over the party panel.

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