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Mount - Free camera. Fix please.


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Reached level 80. Bought PoF mainly for the mounts..

Free camera mode does not work on mounts. This is very annoying, this takes away from having a mount.I am not talking about action camera. I am talking about movements on mounts behaving the same way movement behaves without mounts.

Without mount. I can auto run in any direction and pan my camera around - Free camera.With mounts. I can auto run, as soon as I let go of the left mouse button(pan camera), it snaps back behind my mount. This makes movement horrible, makes the experience of a mount very tedious. How am I suppose to enjoy this if my camera is getting snapped behind me every time I let go of the button?Maneuvering is a nightmare.

Ive tried everything to get this to work, unless Im doing something wrong.. My apologies.Please fix, or point me in the right direction.

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