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[EU][Raid] Low Man Group


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Hey, we are a group of experienced Low Man players looking for 2-3 more DPS players

There is no real trial with special times or golem check, you come with us and we see how you're doing in several low man, that's it !There is also no need to join a Guild, only a Discord

What we can offer :

  • We do 6 man kills at Friday and Sunday 20h30 CEST to practice as our goal is to end up doing 6 Man Full clear in those 2 days, no one is forced to come every week
  • We also do harder Low man with lower number of players at different times of the week (we adapt to the players)
  • We are one of the few people still doing Low man, and we do it in a friendly and not stressful environement

What we look for :

  • At least a few experience in Low Man already
  • Being able to play multi DPS, willing to adapt to meta and learn the current best classes
  • Infusions aren't mandatory, but getting them would be nice
  • 0 Toxicity, we have done several Low man, there was never any toxicity, no matter how often we wiped, and how frustrating it could have been sometimes

What we did so far :

  • Matthias 5 Man
  • Sabetha 6 Man
  • Deimos 6 Man
  • Sloth 5 Man
  • VG 4 Man
  • Gorse 5 Man
  • Samarog 6 Man
  • Cairn 4 Man
  • Mursaat Overseer 3 ManOur next goal is 4 Man Matthias (and we are getting close!)

If there is anything you wanna know either ask it there, PM me or send a mail : fulgore.7386

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